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Inspiring Youth through Mobile Technology and Open-Source Hardware

Principal Investigator: Dr. Qusay H. Mahmoud

According to the Mobile Youth Report, 1.3 billion youth (ages 12 to 27) own a mobile phone and that represents more than the population (of all ages) online. The size and flexibility of mobile devices such as smartphones, and the availability of open-source hardware such as Arduino are exciting platforms for inspiring youth and preparing them for innovation generation. The objective of this program is to inspire students to succeed in mobile technology, business, innovation, and social entrepreneurship through passion-driven exploration workshops. The program will offer project ideas and materials, and organize hands-on activities to introduce high school students and their teachers to the technical, business, and social side of mobile technology and open source hardware, and provide them with the knowledge required to forge forward in exploring mobile technology and how it can be used for innovation, business, and social entrepreneurship. This program will be organized and supported through the Centre for Mobile Education and Research (CMER) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT).